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Innovation for your unique needs

Alongside the classic Market Research tasks, there are more and more requests coming from our clients for unique, custom tools: something that never existed before, personalized to their exact needs.


Our developers have gained high level expertise in:

Market Research development

We have internally developed custom tools to improve user experience, get rid of manual work or just save our clients’ time.

System architect

We can build comprehensive systems with both back- and front-end development as well as full user interface design and implementation.

Tailor-made solutions

Explore the infinite possibilities with us and witness your ideas come to life. Just to mention a few of our latest implementations: fully customized dashboard, websites, centralized portal for every market research fieldwork related files and lists.

See below our solutions


Working on multilingual projects?

It can easily happen that you waste time on translating the same statements repeatedly, again and again. With the usage of our Translation Tool you can save lots of time and leave some stress behind, and you can even start building your own translation database for future usage. Our Translation Tool is a semi-automated tool specialized for the needs of market research agencies.


Sample file process automation

Working with sample files requires a lot of manual modifications, the process is really error sensitive and time consuming. The Sample uploader Tool is a fully automated end-to-end solution for the processing and handling of sample files.

How to make your respondents enjoy CATI interviews and show visuals during the interview?

The regular CATI interviews have some limitations with regards to digital flexibility. With our CATIWeb Tool you will be able to use visuals during the interview, and you will be able to include interactive sections in your CATI survey without abandoning it for a minute.

Use digital signature during CAPI fieldwork - and get rid of the paperwork

Data privacy policy has always been a key factor and since GDPR was introduced it became even more important, however, making the respondents sign the GDPR documents on paper caused the interviewer do a lot of paperwork. Our digital signature feature makes possible to replace the papers with tablets and sign GDPR at the moment of the interview.

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