After data collection we process the data. Although the result of a well programmed questionnaire and the high quality data collection is a consistent data, we do a lot during data preparation and processing in order to make good and meaningful reports.
One of our tasks is defining and filling new variables for cross tables and reports. This way we can get out new information from the data. Information we only asked in an indirect way during the data collection phase.
A very important professional consideration is the weighting. With weighting we can correct the disposable deviation of the data we have. Weighting is needed when after the data collection the composition of the data is different from the target proportion. Whenever this happens with the weighting we correct the data and restore the correct proportion (age, gender, social status, etc.)
DataExpert provides you solutions when you need to process your available data not only from market research. It can be data cleaning, data conversion or anything which has to do with data.


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